Writers and Copy Editors

Writing good advertising is difficult.

Copywriters are often called upon to write the entire web site so that it reflects exactly what the company or the message is all about. Content writers have to know the product line and the subject matter in order to make the writing work.

Managers and Owners have brilliant ideas in most cases. Ask them to describe what they want to do in terms of marketing or sales, and they can give you a half-hour dissertation on where they want to take their company or division. But, ask them to write a high- impact marketing piece to sell their ideas to the general public or Corporate buyer, and they will be at the desk for hours crunching out what may not be as high impact as it needs to be to sway the target audience.

Writing good advertising is difficult. And finding a good copywriter is equally hard. Whidbey Island Web Design works with several strong local copywriters to develop your message in the most concise and effective manner.

Here are several things to keep in mind the next time you need the right copywriter to write that ad, brochure or web site:

1. Take experience into account. But don’t worry about experience in your industry. The best copywriters are almost always writers whose varied experience has helped them become genuine generalists. They can write compelling copy just as well for a piece of industrial hardware as they can for the latest frozen entrée. And their experience has taught them how to dive into any business, draw out the key benefits of its product and services, and present them in a new light.

2. Look for real interest. A real pro will show a real interest in your project and in your business, right from the get-go. He’ll ask questions about your target audience, your message, and what type of response you’ll want. A good copywriter thrives on information. So expect him to ask for material like your annual report, previous brochures or ads, research results, and business or marketing plans. Getting this information to your writer up front will not only help him do his best work, it will save you time and money.

3. Watch out for “ads-while-u-wait” offers. Two things: Good copywriters are always in demand, so expect them to be busy with other projects when you call; and, don’t expect any really good copywriter to agree to knock out your brochure copy in a day or two. (Beware of the writer who blurts outs headlines while you’re still on the phone with him; it’s a guarantee that you’ll end up with piece of work filled with weak ideas and half-cooked copy.) A good copywriter demands the time he needs to think about your product and all its benefits and features, and to let his ideas and words simmer. And the most talented writers will want the time it takes for a rewrite or two. (On the other hand, when you really do need a something done in a rush, a professional copywriter can deliver.)